82 flowered. Nine to go.

What a year it’s been at fairy towers. I didn’t realise that we will have broken the 90 wedding mark by the time Christmas arrives this year. So that’s why I haven’t had time to write many blog posts of late! Sorry. 2014 has passed by in a delightful daze of gorgeous brides (and grooms), […]

A single snap

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing shoot at Aynhoe Park with my lovely friend Marianne Taylor and the Her Lovely Heart team. I just wanted to share this photo with you. I adore it. Especially the sequins. And the Jasmine. The scent was heavenly. More to come […]

Hair flowers & horses

Happy New Year! Better late than never. Non? I promise I will get better at keeping my blog up to date in 2013. It’s up there on my New Year resolution list. Just behind learning to hula hoop. Whoever said that January was quiet, was telling fibs. As one amazing year finished, another fab one […]

This weekend…

…was mostly filled with wedding flowers, wreath making, chocolate cake eating, Marianne Taylor visiting, and bubble drinking. Perfect eh? I even managed to avoid buying any Christmas presents. Still. Promise I will go on Tuesday though. What did you get up to? Send me a picture and I can add it. Go on? Dare you. […]