This weekend..

..we had some rare time away from flowers. It felt decidedly odd. It was one of the few weeks since March where we didn’t have an actual wedding, however, I took the opportunity to go and visit one of my most lusted after venues ever, with a new bride and groom to be (I hope!) […]

I heart Instagram

There. I’ve said it. I love being nosey. I love sharing my work, market buys and my flower crowned cats with people around the world. And I love looking at particularly pretty things that other people post. If you don’t follow us already, go on. Dare you. We have also had five wonderful wedding bookings […]

Weekend wonders

I know it’s a Thursday, but I’ve been a terribly busy bee. Last weekend was a good ‘un though. We had two gorgeous weddings, and handily my birthday fell in between them both on Sunday. First up Sarah and Lee married at Stoke Place, absolutely full of my favourite fleurs – and we got to […]

This weekend..

…has been all about flowers. Lots of them. And pretty ones at that. A beautiful wedding at Hampton Court House, and another at Pembroke Lodge. The deer were loving our work. We also made flowers for 2014 Unveiled, alongside some of our very lovely friends and wedding industry colleagues. It was a busy one, let […]

This weekend..

…in numbers. As you do. ♥ One charming monk. One lovely new bride met. And one funeral. Unfortunately it’s not always happy flowers. ♥ Two weddings. ♥ Three corsages. ♥ Four cupcakes to keep us all going. ♥ Five peacocks admired. ♥ Six bay trees decorated. ♥ Seven swans a swimming. ♥ Eight minutes sleep. […]

This weekend.

…was my last weekend with no wedding until October (oh my goodness me). So a trip in to London for Rob’s birthday and falling in love with a picture mostly took up my time. Oh and the sun even came out to play. How I love Spring. How was yours? Did you make a daisy […]

This weekend…

…was gloriously sunny. My flip flops that I’m still refusing to remove, didn’t look quite as silly on my not so tanned feet as they did last week, when it was tipping down with rain. Result. My ongoing computer/diary issues continue, which is still driving me slightly insane. But on the plus side, my weekend […]

Sweet Succulents

This Sunday, we decamped to the Landmark Wedding Fair in Teddington, and even though the snow tried to stop us, we met a whole bundle of beautiful brides, grooms and bridesmaids. With lots of enquiries for 2013. Now that is perfect forward planning for you. I have posted a few pictures on twitter and Facebook, […]

This weekend…

…was mostly filled with wedding flowers, wreath making, chocolate cake eating, Marianne Taylor visiting, and bubble drinking. Perfect eh? I even managed to avoid buying any Christmas presents. Still. Promise I will go on Tuesday though. What did you get up to? Send me a picture and I can add it. Go on? Dare you. […]

Taxidermy Tuesday

As lots of you probably know, I am officially in love with Kempton Antiques Market. It’s a magical place. Truly. A treasure trove for all things amazing. From old French and Belgian bottles and jars, a plastic unicorn (in a hat), a canoe wine rack, sparkly jewellery, 1950’s dodgem cars…and so much more. Including taxidermy. […]