Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!

We heart you lot!

2014 was a super stunning year for us at fairy towers. Incredibly hard work, but oh so rewarding.

We made flowers for 92 beautiful weddings, appeared in various bridal magazines and blogs, prettied up some stunning events and worked with lots and lots of talented wedding folk.

We’ve also managed to gather a whole host of lovely new followers on Instagram, and likes on our Facebook page, which always makes me smile.

Knowing people like our flowers means the world to us.

So on to 2015.

We’ve got some utterly delicious weddings booked all over London, Surrey and Hampshire with lots further afield. We do like a change of scenery, although I’m thinking about asking to move in to Hampton Court House and Aynhoe Park this year as we have lots of lovely bookings in both venues.

I’m still waiting to quote on a Maldivian wedding, but I have every faith that the call will come. Won’t it?!

A huge thank you for every bit of support this year. From all my flower fairies that have helped create the prettiness, each one of our 92 wonderful couples, and every one that has liked or commented on Facebook, Instagram, email or read the blog.

We hope that you all had a perfect 2014, and 2015 is even more magical.

x Steph

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