82 flowered. Nine to go.

What a year it’s been at fairy towers. I didn’t realise that we will have broken the 90 wedding mark by the time Christmas arrives this year.

So that’s why I haven’t had time to write many blog posts of late! Sorry.

2014 has passed by in a delightful daze of gorgeous brides (and grooms), super stunning venues, and thousands upon thousands of beautiful blooms.

As weddings begin to calm a little, we are starting to work on our brand spanking new website. It’s about time I know. We have after all, been talking about it for the last two years. I promise, good things come to those who wait…

And so on to my little plea.

If you’re reading this, and we have already flowered your wedding, or you are one of the amazing photographers we have worked with, then it would be wonderful if you could get in touch with some of your lovely photos for us to feature, both here on the blog, and on the new site.

It would be ace. And we will make you all a badge. And a hat.

x Steph


Photo: Marianne Taylor

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