Where has the last month gone?

Since my last blog post a month ago (that’s really rubbish of me), we have flowered 14 gorgeous weddings and been surrounded by pretty petals and beautiful brides – for this year, for next year and for 2016. There are some very, very organised ladies out there!

It’s also been a cracking month for fairy nuff flowers on Facebook, where we now have over 1000 likes, and on Instagram, where we currently have 5340 followers. It still amazes me. But I love it so.

I have to chase up all the lovely photographers that we have worked with for proper pictures, but here are a few of our flowery creations over the last four weeks… just in case you don’t follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Hope you have all had a lovely month. Promise I won’t stay away as long again. Promise.

x Steph

6 thoughts on “Where has the last month gone?

  1. I really am going to get around to painting your fantastic ‘works-of-art,’ Steph! Just as soon as I can finish all my projects, not least of which is moving house.

    John S

  2. Seeing all your posts makes me even more excited about the flowery magic you are going to make for our sept wedding. Cant wait x

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