Cathy & Gareth at Northbrook Park

Continuing my look back at last year, let me introduce you to the lovely Cathy and Gareth, who married at Northbrook Park at the beginning of September 2013.

We first prettied up Northbrook Park nearly three years ago, and been lucky enough to have flowered lots of wonderful weddings there since.

Cathy is the Marketing Manager for LSA International, so had strong ideas about how she wanted the day to look. We even got to use a few pieces of beautiful LSA glass along the way.

A huge thank you to Graham Nixon for the pretty pictures. We got to know Graham quite well as he photographed back-to-back weddings with us at Northbrook! His photographs of Becca and Matthew’s lovely wedding to come next week.

Lots of love to Cathy and Gareth, and thanks for choosing us to make your wedding day extra pretty.

x Steph



Fireplace fleurs



Here comes the bride

The girls

The walk

Three maids in a row


Mr & Mrs

Hanging flowers

Here come the girls!



Mr & Mrs

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