This weekend..

..we had some rare time away from flowers. It felt decidedly odd.

It was one of the few weeks since March where we didn’t have an actual wedding, however, I took the opportunity to go and visit one of my most lusted after venues ever, with a new bride and groom to be (I hope!)

As a wedding florist, we have flowered some utterly stunning venues, but we still have a wish list that we are yet to work at.

Fairly near the top for me is Aynhoe Park, a privately owned 17th Century Palladian house in Oxfordshire. Stuffed full of taxidermy and amazing treasures.

Surely every ceremony room needs a floating giraffe, a zebra and a unicorn?

This week we are back to flowers, with a run of yummy weddings including Hampton Court House, The Savoy and Fawsley Hall in Northampton. End of wedding season you say?

Hope you had a magical weekend. Did you see a unicorn too? x

Floating giraffe

The orangery

Zebra registrar

Deer deer

You even get an audience as you eat.

Aynhoe Park

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