This weekend..

…in numbers. As you do.

♥ One charming monk. One lovely new bride met. And one funeral. Unfortunately it’s not always happy flowers.

♥ Two weddings.

♥ Three corsages.

♥ Four cupcakes to keep us all going.

♥ Five peacocks admired.

♥ Six bay trees decorated.

♥ Seven swans a swimming.

♥ Eight minutes sleep. Or at least it felt that way.

♥ Nine corsages.

♥ Ten aching fingers.

♥ 12 bridesmaid’s bouquets.

♥ 22 flower filled bottles tied in to trees.

♥ 24 pew ends.

♥ 29 table centres.

♥ 37 buttonholes.

♥ 53 vintage jars filled with pretty petals.

♥ 63 vintage bottles looking yummy.

♥ 210 miles driven.

♥ 370 Stocks used. In four colours.

♥ 730 Roses smelling perfectly.

♥ And one awfully happy flower girl, filled with much coffee. And cupcakes. Oops.

Hope you had a wonderful one. The sun even made an appearance. Doesn’t it make the world a better place? x





Vintage jars


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