Down on the farm

Even though my last post was a pretty little beloved session, we don’t actually do that many photoshoots. Mostly because we are so busy making real life weddings pretty.

However, mid coffee with the wonderful Catherine of Lily & Frank fame, and Andrea the magical Sugar cake maker, an idea was born.

Flowers, cakes and farmyard animals. How could any of us refuse?

So one grey Spring day, we all made the trip to Jimmy’s Farm (Jamie Oliver’s best friend) in Suffolk, to decorate his pig barns and woods with plenty of pretty petals, delicious cakes and fantastic frocks.

We were lucky enough to be able to dress the lovely models in stunning Johanna Hehir wedding gowns, and have the delicious Kaz Fernando to make all the models look extra pretty and perfectly coiffured – she even made my long lusted after “bow hair” on Laura!

Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side. It did not stop raining all day. Not even for a second. And it was windy and terribly cold. But that aside, it was wonderful to work with some lovely friends making the farm a little bit prettier.

I am going to break this up in to two blog posts, as there are too many pictures that I love.

The first…down on the farm.

My choice of blooms for this part of the shoot had to include some of my favourites (obviously). I used a selection of coral Peonies, Dahlias, Clematis, O’Hara and Vuvuzela Roses, Hydrangeas, Guelder Rose and so many more. I was like a kid in a sweet shop choosing.

Hope you all approve.

Close up



Mr and Mrs

Cake topper


Short urn


Cake pops



guinea pig



Group shot



Rare breed





Balance bouquet

Photography ♥ Lily & Frank

Location ♥ Jimmy’s Farm

Cakes & sweet treats ♥ Cake By Sugar

Hair & Make Up ♥ Kaz Fernando

Dresses ♥ Johanna Hehir

Boots ♥ Hunter

Menus ♥ Rob Turpin

Models ♥ Laura, James and Nell

12 thoughts on “Down on the farm

  1. Oh so much prettiness. Adore that cake with cake pops on the top. Amazing flowers. And of course the photographs are stunning.
    Love the guinea pig in the blanket!! xxx

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  4. Oh my giddy aunt!! The most fantastic flower arrangements in the world. Please allow me to paint them. If you don’t I shall live the rest of my life in an anticlimax!

    I include my website, albeit it isn’t quite complete

    going to look at them again….!

      • Thank you so much, you are too kind. I’m not sure when I will do them – I currently have a whole bunch of commissions to deal with – but when I do I shall acknowledge you as the source, and give you first sight of them.

        Have a Wonderflowerful Christmas and a Successful New Year.


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