Hair flowers & horses

Happy New Year!

Better late than never. Non?

I promise I will get better at keeping my blog up to date in 2013. It’s up there on my New Year resolution list. Just behind learning to hula hoop.

Whoever said that January was quiet, was telling fibs. As one amazing year finished, another fab one is well under way. We have already flowered three delicious weddings, met with a whole host of sparkly new brides (and grooms), skyped with a bundle more (you lot are getting further and further away from us), and the gym visited a few too many times for my liking… and February is only just around the corner.

2013 is looking like another corker, with some terribly delicious weddings booked in all over the country. But before I look forward, I thought I would start this year with a little look back at one of my favourite shoots of 2012.

The wonderful Marianne Taylor invited me along on a little road trip to flower up an extra cute beloved session she was shooting, with the ever-so talented dress designer Minna Hepburn, her husband, and her beautiful horse.

I made two hair garlands. The first a little more rustic using wheat, wax flower and Eucalyptus, and the second, just a whole bundle of prettiness – Avalanche Sorbet Roses, Hellebores, Bouvardia, Tuberose and Wax flower.

It really was a perfect day, captured beautifully.












Love is all you need

Hair crown

Golden hour


Photographer – Marianne Taylor
Dresses – Minna Hepburn
Make up – Grace Revington

7 thoughts on “Hair flowers & horses

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  2. Stunning flower crown, the pink stands so beautilfully out amongst the white, bust still subtle enough to not take the attention away from the dress.

    Love the close ups with the horse as well, stunning animal

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