Philippa & Nick

This wedding lark can be terribly odd sometimes.

You don’t visit a venue for a couple of years, and then you do back-to-back weddings there…so a week after Sarah and Ali’s big day, we headed back to Ham Polo Club for Philippa and Nick’s delicious wedding.

Their day was filled with bundles of Summery prettiness…Hydrangeas, Peonies, Roses, Lisianthus, Stocks, Sweet Peas…my idea of complete and utter heaven.

There were lots of lovely little touches throughout the day. One of my favourite was the bridesmaid’s bouquets being tied with the prettiest, personalised handkerchiefs. Too cute.

So without further ado, and to perk up this (probably grey day), here are the flowers we made for Philippa and Nic’s gorgeous wedding.

Along with a cat. And a horse.

Don’t say I don’t give you anything.


Bridesmaid bouquet of O’Hara Roses, Lisianthus, Sweet Peas, Freesias, Achillea and Alchemilla Mollis, secured with a pretty personalised handkerchief. Sweet!

Philippa carried a beautiful hand tied, slightly trailing bouquet of matching blooms.

We were so in love with the colours for this wedding.

One last check from our quality control department.

Snapped this from the roof terrace at Ham Polo Club. A very mean and moody sky. And a horse.

Pots of Lavender flanked the stairs up to the roof terrace. They smelled scrummy.

Stunning venue, pretty flowers and hanging tea lights.

Cylinder vases brimming with Hydrangeas, Roses, Lisianthus, Sweet Peas, Stocks, Ranunculus, Astilbe and Alchemilla Mollis. Phew!

The wedding cake was decorated with Peonies, Sweet Peas, Lisianthus and Achillea.

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