This weekend.

…was my last weekend with no wedding until October (oh my goodness me).

So a trip in to London for Rob’s birthday and falling in love with a picture mostly took up my time.

Oh and the sun even came out to play. How I love Spring.

How was yours? Did you make a daisy chain? Or buy some daffodils? I did the latter.

And whilst I’m here, I also found the time to change my fairy nuff flowers group page on Facebook, to a proper page. So now people can just “like” us. This is where I will put up all my wedding latest piccies and any exciting news, so if you want to be nosey, then give us a like? Please? It will make me as happy as my daffodils make me. Honestly.

Trying to catch up with my mountain of wedding paperwork after my laptop fail. I have a new one now. And I'll never let it happen again. Sorry. If you're waiting for anything from me, I will be in touch very very soon. Promise.

Loving my Friday wedding leftovers. And falling in love with my new logo just a little bit more.

Decorating Rob's presents with Succulents. In case you're wondering, I got him antlers.

Staring at my parents' Magnolia tree. It's magnificent.

Skipping around the 10,000 handmade clay flowers at Somerset House.

Absolutely falling in love with this picture. I'm going to buy it this week. Thanks to you lot and your instagram "likes".

And buying this one. It's for my new flowery workshop. I needed it.

Confirming that everyone should wear flowers in their hair. At all times. I made this with Wax Flower and Wheat.

Feasting on a delicious lunch with the birthday boy at Wahaca. It was delicious. And we were surrounded by a lot of terribly trendy people.

Hope you all had a perfectly sunny weekend too and have a splendid week x

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