This weekend…

…was gloriously sunny. My flip flops that I’m still refusing to remove, didn’t look quite as silly on my not so tanned feet as they did last week, when it was tipping down with rain. Result.

My ongoing computer/diary issues continue, which is still driving me slightly insane. But on the plus side, my weekend was filled with flowers, brides, cake, rugby and so much more.

What did you lot get up to? Any excitement? Do tell? x

I have mostly…

Made pretty flowers. Much like chocolate, Hellebores make me terribly happy.

Fallen in love with these beauties. Can you blame me? Thought not.

Stepped out for cake and coffee at Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery ( in Twickenham. Perfect.

Went walking with the Deer in Bushy Park. One of my favourite places.

Admired my leftover. Perfectly ordered weekend flowers = one single flower for me. Ah well.

Thoroughly enjoyed watching the rugby. Unlike this fella. Bless.

Got excited about the Magnolia. Nearly there.

Spent at least an hour wrestling my diary and workbook from Molly.

Gazed at the most perfect cake for a florist. Thanks Becca, they were amazing! x

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