So I have returned from the most amazing two weeks of my life to a computer disaster.

I can’t access anything on my work laptop, including my diary. It is currently being fixed (hopefully) by some terribly clever men, so fingers crossed I will have some kind of idea what’s in store this week, but as it stands, I only have a patchy diary on my phone.

So if we do have a meeting this week, can I ask you to get in touch just to confirm? This has never happened before, and when I do get my laptop back, it will never happen again.

I will back it up seven times a day, and keep five paper copies of everything.

You’ll see.

If you’re waiting of quotes, I haven’t forgotten about you, and I will be in touch as soon as I possibly can.

Have a lovely week, and be kind to your computers. You never know when they might throw a small fit.

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