Happy new year!

Well what can I say about 2011?

It’s been full of delicious brides and grooms, wonderful weddings, the prettiest of petals, fabulous photoshoots, had lots of flowers and weddings in glossy magazines, and been shortlisted for the Wedding Industry Awards…

…plus of course I got to work with some wonderful wonderful people. People I have admired from afar, and who I now class as fabulous friends.

All in all, it’s been a pretty amazing year.

Looking back at my new year resolutions I made this time last year, I think I have done pretty well (ish). Apart from the Royal Wedding bit, but hey, you need something to aim for, right?

And 2012 promises to be even more special, with some staggering bookings. We are set to do lots of travelling with our flowers to make weddings extra pretty further afield, which I am terribly excited about.

I will also be looking for a little trainee fairy to join our ranks…so if any of you know of anyone? Please don’t be shy.

Anyway, as you read this, the fairies will be taking a snowy break in Germany for New Year, but will be back and raring to go on 4th January.

So it’s just for me to say a huge thank you to everyone that we have worked with, met, and chatted with this year – it has honestly been fab (she says wiping a tear from her eye).

Have the most amazing New Year, and heres to a perfect 2012 full of love, giggles, flowers and badgers x

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