This weekend…

…was mostly filled with wedding flowers, wreath making, chocolate cake eating, Marianne Taylor visiting, and bubble drinking. Perfect eh?

I even managed to avoid buying any Christmas presents. Still. Promise I will go on Tuesday though.

What did you get up to? Send me a picture and I can add it. Go on? Dare you.

Ho ho ho.

Making wreaths. This pretty one was for Andrea.

Eating Squirrels. Chocolate cake pop ones. Courtesy of pretty wreath recipient above.The one on the left was terribly surprised by something...

Making yummy flowers for Jo-Anna and Gary’s big day. Oh I love Peonies so...

Buying ribbon, little birds and sparkly twigs from Margaret. She was ever so attentive.

Making more pretty flowers for Isobel and Ed’s wonderful wedding at Kew Gardens.

Celebrating our last wedding of 2011 with some bubbles. An amazing year full of beautiful brides (and grooms).

Getting the prettiest Christmas packages from the wonderful Marianne Taylor.

Accidentally eating some of this amazing cakey thing. It was yummy. And terribly chocolatey.

Admiring Marianne’s tree. Pretty eh?

Wishing upon the double rainbow. The prettiest rainbows I have ever seen x

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