Taxidermy Tuesday

I’ll make my excuses now...It’s been a long wedding season...

As lots of you probably know, I am officially in love with Kempton Antiques Market.

It’s a magical place. Truly. A treasure trove for all things amazing. From old French and Belgian bottles and jars, a plastic unicorn (in a hat), a canoe wine rack, sparkly jewellery, 1950’s dodgem cars…and so much more. Including taxidermy.

It’s become a bit of a joke between my twitter buddies to find the best (or worst) stuffed animal at each visit…and after a poor start yesterday morning, I think we struck gold.

To be completely honest, I don’t think I could have a poor little squirrel in my house, but I do find the whole animal thing terribly intriguing. And awfully expensive.

So here is my pick of the squirrels, deer and pigeons from yesterday’s outing.

And not wanting to sound like Kylie and/or Jason, but this blog post is especially for thisnorthernboy and Spudlington. My two animal accomplices.

Hope these makes you smile.

Donald the Deer. And you thought he was a duck. Ha.

Oscar the Otter

Sarah, Sammy and Selina the Squirrels.

After a slow start, Andrea and I struck gold. Andrea fell in love with a deer. And Nell and I fell for a squirrel.

Donatella the Duck. Slightly windswept. Bless her.

Fidel the Ferret. Don’t think he was in a very good mood.

I’m not sure what type of bird, but is name was Berocca. Sadly it didn’t help him.

Just remember tonight…don’t have nightmares. Do sleep well.

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