This weekend…

….I mostly made wedding flowers, drank Bellinis, lusted after sparkly shoes and went to Selfridges to meet a new bride.

I think I might meet all new brides in Selfridges from now on. I had a jolly lovely time.

What did you lot get up to? Don’t be shy now…

I really would love to put up some of your week/weekend piccies next week. Please?

Making pretty flowers for Farah and Ivor’s big day at Hampton Court House...

The urns of seasonal blooms were my favourite flowers of the weekend. I think....

What a difference a day makes. Sunny picture = wedding day. Foggy picture = pick up day. Result!

Watched Strictly Come Dancing with Milly. It’s not just scrabble this feline is good at. You should see her tango...

Stared lots at the huge Orchid snow globe in Selfridges' Christmas window. Twas magical.

Adding these beauties to my Christmas list. Perfect for preparing wedding flowers in. Surely?

Promising these to my brides. Fingers crossed....!

Feeling a little tiny bit Christmassy. London in lights makes me happy...

Loving my leftovers.

Counting down the days until I go here. 84 days. Off to the gym I go...!

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