This weekend…

…was mostly filled with flowers, coffee, wedding chat and smiles. How about you lot?

If you do anything exciting next weekend, email me a picture? My Monday morning post shouldn’t always be about me.

Go on…please? x

Receiving the most amazing thank from a wonderfully beautiful bride and groom x

Flowers for Lucy. Big flowers. She’s engaged to Alan. I am too excited. They are both really tall.

Doing a wedding here. The Bingham in Richmond. Wonderful couple. Fab venue. Amazing River Thames views. Delicious.

Orchids, Roses, Calla Lilies, Snapdragons decorated the pretty tables on Saturday.

Working with Andrea at Sugar. It’s a habit I could get in to quite easily.

Lunch with this stranger. No idea who he was. Lunch was lovely though.

Gorgeous new wedding consultation. They gave me this. Amazing eh?

Sparklers. I love them. They make me happy. Terribly happy. Can you tell?

Lucy asked me to be her bridesmaid. All my childhood dreams have come true. My life is complete. Well nearly.

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