Alexis ♥s Jack (in numbers)

Well what can I say about this wedding that the beautiful bride, and the wonderful Marianne Taylor haven’t already said?

Alexis and Jack’s big day was one of the grandest and most stylish weddings we have had the honour to play a part in this year, and a day that I will never ever forget. Ever.

All the staff at the Assembly Rooms in Bath were blown away too. When we went back the next day, they were still talking about the “amazing wedding the day before” and had decided someone hugely famous had tied the knot. And to be honest, they weren’t far from the truth.

I just want to take this opportunity (again) to thank Alexis (and her lovely Mum), for picking me to provide her pretty petals. I whooped out loud (and danced a little bit) when I got the email telling me that she would like fairy nuff flowers to be her wedding florist!

And another huge thank you for inviting us to be part of the wedding when our work was done. You and Jack make a properly perfect pair, and I can’t wait to share many a cocktail evening with you in the future…!

So how do I tell you all about Alexis And Jack’s wedding? In numbers of course. Alexis is a HUGE fan of numbers. Oh…and with Marianne Taylor’s delicious photos. Naturally. How I love you Mrs T!

All our love to in the world to the excruciatingly beautiful Alexis and Jack. Your wedding was completely and utterly magical.

87,600 ♥ Hours Alexis and Jack have been stepping out (approximately).

9,000 ♥ Humbugs. Unwrapped.

1769 ♥ The year construction of the Bath Assembly Rooms started.

1,380 ♥ Stems of Carnations used. Lots of white. Not so many yellow.

740 ♥ Kilometers travelled by our two vans (370km each).

207 ♥ Guests lucky enough to be invited to the wonderful wedding.

168 ♥ Months that Alexis and Jack have known each other for.

140 ♥ Stems of white Hydrangea.

66 ♥ Days that the happy couple have been Mr and Mrs Simkin.

28 ♥ Topiary balls used in the ceremony room.

21 ♥ Tables (including the top table).

18 ♥ Months Alexis and Jack were engaged for.

7 ♥ Delicious bridesmaids.

6 ♥ Hugely fragile glass candlesticks topped with carnation balls.

4 ♥ Topiary trees.

2 ♥ People in love.

1 ♥ Beautiful cake.

A very happy florist ♥

Alexis and Jack chose the following people to help make their wedding wonderful…

Photographer ♥ Marianne Taylor
Stationary & design guru ♥ MOB at Paper Dragon
Videographer ♥ Allora Visuals
Wedding coordinator ♥ Mary Lee Herrington of Forever & Ever Events
Music ♥ Wedding Smashers
Cake ♥ Linda Fripp
Lighting & Dancefloor ♥ Stress Free Hire
Dress ♥ Vera Wang
Shoes ♥ Miu Miu
Hair ♥ Melanie Giles
Make Up ♥ Sophie Stafford
Flowers ♥ Us!

8 thoughts on “Alexis ♥s Jack (in numbers)

  1. OMG STEPH!! Honestly words cannot describe how lucky we were to have you do our wedding flowers, I knew from the moment we spoke on twitter and then met that you were fabulous. I love that you call me “flower” I love that you just completely understood what we were after and I love how you transformed our venue into the perfect setting I had always imagined. THANK YOU for all your work and for being fabulous. And for unwrapping 9000 humbugs. Love love love you!!

  2. It’s so very sweet that you made your post so personal to Alexis and her love of numbers. Your work is stunning and it’s lovely to see the range of styles you provide your clients – definitley not one size fits all, as this is all about Alexis’s vision. Everything looks so considered yet it’s not at all forced, it comes together so beautifully and I’m more than a little jealous. Next time….! X

    • Thanks Laura! It was the most amazing day, and I do feel completely honoured to have done the flowers and go to the reception. Was the best day, and a gorgeous evening in Bath!! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks xx

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