Tom ♥s Chloe

Back in September (sorry I am so far behind), Tom and Chloe tied the knot in an ultra local, stupidly classy and extra pretty affair.

After becoming Mr and Mrs in a lovely church in Teddington, the wedding party made their way to the beautiful Hampton Court House to eat, drink, dance, and generally be very merry.

As we set up, Chloe’s Dad was practising his surprise ukulele tribute to the couple. He sang and played Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was properly amazing. And it made me cry. I can’t imagine what it did to Chloe.

If everyone could have a handy ukulele player about when we set up our venues in the future, I would be extremely grateful. I will remember to wear waterproof mascara. Promise.

I can’t wait to see a couple of the official photos of this lovely wedding and delicious couple. All our love to you both x

For any Carnation haters out there. The bride carried a beautiful bouquet of...Carnations.

And for the bridesmaids? Pretty Carnation and Mint bouquets

Hydrangea cut out of Chloe’s Mum’s garden decorated all the coffee tables.

Don’t worry, we were supervised throughout our flower set up...

Urns or Hydrangea, Roses, Delphinium, Mint, Snowberries and Stock welcomed the guests to HCH

Just in case you missed it the first time...

Chloe’s Dad making me cry!

Urns of muted, matching, seasonal blooms decorated the tables.

The squat urns fitted the feel of HCH perfectly. I hope I get to use them lots there next year...

Thank you bouquets of prettiness waiting to be handed out.

5 thoughts on “Tom ♥s Chloe

  1. I Love those carnations…. I have had them in my shop a few times and most of my customers love them (even when I tell them what they are!) but a few have said they look ‘dirty’!!
    Lovely flowers and photos as always and I am super jealous of all the A-mazing venues you have done weddings in!

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