Fringe benefits

It’s Monday and I’m feeling grotty. Think I’ve got some kind of coldy illness thing creeping up on me. But with a week of flowering at Miss Bush Bridal Wear, and terribly pretty weddings, I shall soldier on. With a tissue and some Day Nurse. Obviously.

Anyway, my mood has been lifted lots after spotting the gorgeous mention of this very blog in Wedding Flowers Magazine, by the wonderful Rona Wheeldon. We are already featured in the real life wedding section of the same magazine, so this is an extra sparkly bonus. It has also made me realise that I’m not just talking to myself on here.

So anyone that is reading this now, tell me please…shall I get a fringe cut in to my hair? I really can’t decide.

Rona’s "blooming lovely” column in Wedding Flowers Magazine

To be mentioned along with Lotte & Bloom’s beautiful blog...wowsers!

5 thoughts on “Fringe benefits

  1. Congrats hun! Whilst you are with Miss Bush you should pop for a drink at our venue! Oh and I think you would suit a fringe…go for it! Get better soon! x

  2. Doh! did you not see that! I put it on Twitter about 2 days ago 🙂 My lovely lady Sarah is also mentioned! Oh lovely lady I hope you’re not getting the thing I’ve had for about a week – it’s made me feel bad! 😦 Lots of love xxxxx

    P.s it’s only hair and will grow back! DO IT! xx

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