All the fun of the fair

This Sunday, the fairies landed at the Landmark Wedding Fair in Teddington – the only wedding fair we do each year, and we had an awful lot of fun.

We met a bundle of new brides and grooms, chatted all things flower filled and weddingy, and were also surrounded by other fab suppliers including Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery, Victoria Mary Vintage and Cake by Sugar – what a perfect day.

After all the love I received from the last flowery heart I made, I had to make another, which stole many a real heart on the day. I used the amazing smelling garden Roses to make a bridal bouquet too, which was equally as loved.

Other than these Roses which I love so, my favourite blooms of the day…my hedgerow vase. Covered with moss, and filled with delicious dark red and dark pink flowers, Brambles (ouch), Hawthorne and lots of garden Ivy and Rosemary.

If you visited us, thank you, and if you didn’t, hope you like the pictures.

We decorated the catwalk with two urns filled with beautiful blooms.

The flower heart that stole a few real hearts..

Beautiful bouquet of garden and Peach Avalanche Roses, Hydrangea and Tanacetum

I secured this bouquet with gorgeous ribbon and an owl brooch. Obviously.

A pretty cake stand hiding under a bundle of ivory and pale yellow blooms, and my first Tulips of the season

My favourite buttonholes of the day. Every buttonhole should include Blackberries. Fact.

My favourite flowers of the day. I think. Butterflies + brambles = loveliness

Pretty matching woodland bouquet with dotty ribbon. Surely a winner?

Carnation and Mint. It was a winner last time, and was loved this time too!

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