I had a day off.

It was amazing. Honestly. My first proper day off since…well…I don’t know when. I could get used to it though.

Back in March, before the wedding season properly kicked off, Catherine (of Lily and Frank fame) and I made a promise to each other.

We decided that we would skip to the Berkeley for a spot of afternoon tea once the wedding craziness had calmed down a little.

And who am I to back out of a promise?

And yes. We skipped.

It would have been rude not to. Wouldn’t it?

Paul Smith tea pot? I wish it had fitted in my bag...

More mousse, cakes, biscuits? Oh go on then. Force us.

More cakes? Really? Ok then. We’ll squeeze a couple more in....

This lady is famous. Do you know her? Can you call me and tell me who she is? Please?

It couldn’t just be about cake. How stunning are the Hydrangeas? And Catherine’s not too bad either x

The full cake menu…

Tom Ford light pink chiffon summer dress biscuit with rose icing and sparkly silver cuffs

Chloe praline clutch topped with gold chocolate beads

Victoria Beckham peach coloured sponge cake tote with chocolate crocodile print

Marc Jacobs raspberry and lychee cream jumpsuit with over-sized chocolate flower belt

Miu Miu vanilla bikini biscuit with navy icing and signature white bow

Tory Burch strawberry and rhubarb bavarois dress with flattering gold button detail

Stella McCartney citrus print dress of orange and lemon mousse topped with marzipan fruit summer dress of papaya, red currant and blueberry mousse, topped with pate de fruit

Jil Sander coloured block dress of crème de menthe and coconut jelly with must-have sparkly sunglasses

Roger Vivier black and white chocolate striped ‘belle de Nuit’ high-heeled shoe


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