Jason ♥’s Vicky

Vicky and Jason tied the knot at Lillibrook Manor in Maidenhead. Our first wedding there, but hopefully not our last…

The “great British summer” sadly returned for their big day, with plenty of rain about. But that didn’t dampen Jason’s spirit, as he was busy making sure the venue was perfect, and the cake of cheese looking magnificent for his new bride.

Vicky chose beautiful Hypnose, Amnesia and Sweet Avalanche Roses, with Freesias, Mint, Green Bell and Rosemary. It smelled delicious.

Hydrangeas decorated the pews, with vintage enamel jugs on the tables in the barn. It was a vintage bride’s dream!

Anyway back to admiring the cake of cheese, the models of their cats and all those little mice…

Big love to the happy couple xx

Hypnose, Amnesia and Sweet Avalanche Roses, along with Freesias, Green Bell and Rosemary made up the beautiful bouquets

Hypnose + Amnesia + Sweet Avalanche + Freesias + Green Bell + Rosemary = Prettiness

Vicky carried a larger version of the bridesmaid’s blooms.

Single Hydrangea heads tied with lace, lined the aisle

Beautiful seasonal blooms filled the jugs on all the tables

The pretty post box waiting for their wedding cards...

Little Mice decorated the Cake of Cheese. Along with some Hydrangea. Obviously.

And here it is, in all its glory. Complete with cats, mice and flowers.

2 thoughts on “Jason ♥’s Vicky

  1. Gorgeous! (As always – but I particularly like these – colours stunning, and can imagine the frangrance was too!) Another fairy triumph Steph. x

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