Ian ♥’s Katy

Amnesia Roses, Stock, Veronica and a splash of Alchemilla Mollis

Ian and Katy became Mr and Mrs in my lovely local church in Hampton Hill (terribly handy I’m sure you’ll agree), in the middle of August, before dancing the night away at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. The view from the terrace there has to be one of the best around…

Katy and her Sister made me very happy talking about the blooms for the big day. Shades of purple with splashes of summery lime green were decided upon, and it worked a treat, as well as smelling delicious.

Pedestals were moved from the church to Richmond Park, and joined tall vases topped with matching flowers and pretty birdcages decorated with Roses and filled with Stocks.

All the fairies send the biggest love and congratulations to one perfectly matched couple! x

Ian’s Amnesia Rose, Veronica, Alchemilla Mollis and Eucalyptus buttonhole

The three pretty bridesmaids carried smaller matching bouquets.

Katy carried Amnesia Roses, purple Stock, lilac Veronica, Alchemilla Mollis. and Eucalyptus

Tables were decorated with matching flowers and Shamrock Chrysanths

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