Pretty as a picture

Memory Lane buttonholes with Sage, Mint and Rosemary. Delicious.

Yesterday the fairies flew to Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park for Ruth and Kjell’s big day.

The colour theme for the wedding was based around a picture that Kjell had painted for Ruth in purple, blues and yellow. Romantic eh?

I was lucky enough to work with my lovely friend Andrea at Cake by Sugar again who created a cup cake tower masterpiece in the same colours for their big day.

Oh and another twitter friend, the lovely and talented Mariam Jenson was on hand to make Ruth look extra pretty – can’t wait to see the pictures of the blushing bride.

Kjell is from Norway, and one of the cutest touches of the day were little phrase books on all the “English tables” so that the English and American guests could pick up a Norwegian word or two – lovely thought I reckon.

Lots of love to you both from us and the biggest congratulations/gratulerer x

Ps. 10 days.

Memory Lane Roses, Scabiosa, Nigella, Irises, Veronica, Lisianthus, Mint, Sage and Rosemary made up the bridesmaid’s bouquets

Ruth carried a larger version of the bridesmaid’s smelled amazing.

The tables got a splash of yellow with the addition of Dahlias, Roses and Stock

Nowegian for beginners. Love this idea lots. If of course you are marrying a Norwegian person. Otherwise slightly odd.

And I couldn’t let Andrea get away with it. Here are her yummy cakes.

The giant “cutting” cup cake. Delicious!

Delicious cakes that smelled as wonderful as they looked. They were all lucky to survive!

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