0 days

It’s finally here. I’m sure the excitement won’t be matched by the glee I have experienced with the annual birthday countdown. However. Couldn’t resist a semi-cute picture of me as a small person to celebrate the fact that I have grown. If only I was wearing a hat. Or carrying a bunch of Peonies. The […]

All aboard.

Sarah and Laurence tied the knot yesterday, and we were the lucky ones chosen to do all things flowery. The happy couple got wed at the beautiful Lovekyn Chapel in the middle of Kingston, and then hopped on a bus to eat, drink and dance the night away at Shepperton Studios… As we were setting […]

Mr & Mrs Smith

I blogged about Anna and Jamie’s big day back in May, but now, I am the proud owner of a few of their gorgeous official photos, courtesy of the quite lovely Stewart Randall. Hope you enjoy the pretty pictures of a lovely wedding, and once again, the biggest congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs […]

A badger in a cot.

His name is Badge, apparently. He had a poorly stomach but was still very expensive. I left him in his cot. I don’t think I need to say anymore. Do I? This post is mostly for four lovely people. Andrea, Rob, Nick and Tim. Hope you all love Badge too, but as they say on […]

Pretty as a picture

Yesterday the fairies flew to Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park for Ruth and Kjell’s big day. The colour theme for the wedding was based around a picture that Kjell had painted for Ruth in purple, blues and yellow. Romantic eh? I was lucky enough to work with my lovely friend Andrea at Cake by Sugar […]

A Summer soirée

Last weekend, the fairies flew to Ham Polo Club – a gorgeous wedding venue at the bottom of Richmond Hill, to make Hayley and Terry’s beautiful Summer wedding just a tiny bit more beautiful. Hayley was one of the most laid back brides I have ever worked with. She made me smile and giggle lots […]