A jolly morning out

A Sempervivum covered horsey was there to greet us. Minus bubbles & canapes. Sadly.

Yesterday I took to the streets (so to speak) with my lovely friend Andrea of Cake by Sugar fame, and headed to Kempton Park antiques fair. One of my favourite places to while away an hour or two (or three).

I so wish I had bought this amazing typewriter to type flowery messages. Gutted.

I used to stock my lovely shop with all sorts of vintage oddities, garden decorations and pieces of French furniture from Kempton, so miss having an excuse to go twice a month.

Cottons, jars, jars, cotton. It was all for sale...

Not sure how I resisted the Steiff bear on wheels. But I did. Somehow.

However, yesterday I was on the hunt for some yummy bottles and jars for forthcoming weddings, vintage watering cans and a wheelbarrow for an exciting little upcoming project, whilst Andrea was after some bed side cabinets and a look at my new brown hair.

In complete love with all the old French glass. It makes me happy.

Between us we did very well indeed. The only thing they couldn’t offer us was the wheelbarrow which turned out to be quite an annoyance. It would have been terribly handy wheeling all our other shopping about.

I wanted her to go next to my front door to welcome guests. Andrea pulled me away.

Kempton is filled with loads of gorgeous vintage French finds. I love it!

I saw so many fab bits and pieces, I couldn’t help but take a few snaps. If you’re ever this way, you really should try and pop down. Especially if you want a stuffed badger. Or squirrel. Or duck.

Fox, badger or squirrel anyone? One stall was selling a badger called Badge. Not much thought naming him.

The gorgeous Andrea and her purchases. Minus wheelbarrow and badger though. Shocking.

PS. 15 days.

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