I ♥ Mrs Scoops

Mint choc chip anyone? Or a Strawberry split lolly perhaps?

Twitter is a wonderful thing. As I have said many times before. It has opened all sorts of doors for me since deciding to close my pretty shop and concentrating on wonderful wedding flowers. So I thought it was time to ramble about a few of my fab twitter finds! And who better to start with than Mrs Scoops. The brains behind Vintage Scoops.

For those that don’t know Mrs S and her wonderful 1973 van Betty, you should read on. They are surely the ultimate wedding day accessory?

Mrs Scoops and Betty looked glorious in their matching floral prettiness!

We ran off with the ice cream. Hayley tried to find us. We were hiding.

I had been tweeting with Hayley (aka Mrs Scoops) for months before we met. She always, without fail, made me smile. Even if I was having the most horrid day.

So when the chance came to meet the ice cream queen at a photo shoot, I was slightly worried. What if she’s not as nice in real life? What if we didn’t get on? I had been transformed in to a 15 year old going on a first date. Well, kind of.

But I didn’t have to worry. She is quite possibly one of the nicest ladies you could ever meet. And the ice cream she sells is nearly as magnificent!

How could I possibly leave Sid out of the flowery fun?

The whole shoot team met at her lovely house, where we were greeted by Sid. Possibly the cutest hound going. Whilst the models were made extra lovely, Mrs S helped me ribbon flowers whilst we had a perfect chuckle. We used one of her friend’s gardens for the first part of the shoot, complete with a yummy lunch – and were made to feel oh so welcome. It really was a delicious day.

So perfect in fact that driving back to my not so cute house, with no cute dog, and much less bunting, I felt a little sad. Bunting is wonderful stuff. I have now been reminded of this, and have it everywhere. Really.

I think Mrs Scoops was laughing at me eating my giant ice cream...probably.

Sweets for my sweet. How deliciously retro are Betty’s goodies?

Hayley and Betty travel to weddings, private functions, fêtes and parties bringing many a smile to many a visitor. Stocked full of delicious local ice cream, including strawberry and clotted cream, banana & pecan cheesecake and double chocolate truffle, along with fab retro lollies, sweets and drinks, it really is the things my dreams are made of.

You can seen more photos of Betty, the pretty models and lovely flowers in my blog about the shoot here.

You simply must follow Vintage Scoops on twitter at the very least. I promise she will make you smile. Or perhaps, go straight for Betty? You need them in your life.

Love you Mrs S x

PS. Fab photos courtesy of the wonderful Catherine at Lily & Frank

PPS. 20 days.

6 thoughts on “I ♥ Mrs Scoops

  1. You made me cry……. you are the lovliest girl !!!! I am blessed to have met you!!! It was an amazing day, one I hope we can repeat sometime xx Your flowers and your beautiful personality go hand in hand xxx

    Much Love H xx

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