22 days.

Yummy cake pops by Cake By Sugar. Andrea, just one glass will do for me...!

This year is flying. We are nearly in July. So many pretty weddings done, but so many more to come. And I can’t believe it’s my birthday in 22 days. Oh my birthday. How jolly exciting. Must get the banners out and the cake picked.

Ok, really it’s only the countdown to being a year older that excites me. I can take or leave the day itself. Unless of course it includes a giant chocolate cake.

Enough. So this weekend we were busy making a wedding pretty in Kew. Quite a simple, but oh so classy wedding filled with Orchids and Calla Lilies. Oh and filling the local pubs and restaurants with blue and lime green flowers. It was a must.

Then I headed straight to Bath to meet one of my lovely September brides at her gorgeous venue – the Assembly Rooms. Terribly excited about her big day. She’s got quite a good photographer taking the piccies too (eeek). We managed to talk flowers whilst having a coffee sitting outside in the sun/cloud. I know. Imagine…a coffee outside in June. And there was only a tiny sprinkling of rain.

Oh, I also managed to eat a lot of Malted Milks this week whilst flowering. Must work on reducing biscuit consumption. It’s terrible for the diet. Really terrible.

This weekend we are heading to Ham Polo Club for a pretty wedding full of Amnesia Roses, Hydrangea and Bouvardia. Delicious indeed. And by then, there will only be 19 days to go.

Our bride this week carried a trailing bouquet of perfect white Phalaenopsis Orchids.

All the boys had classy Calla Lilies to make them extra handsome.

Rubbish weather, so I had to make my contract flowers nice and bright this week.

Haven’t had one for years, and now I am mildly addicted. Sorry diet.

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