I ♥ Shakespeare

Flower and canape corsage for the fluffy fella.

On Monday we were lucky enough to provide the flowers for Katie and John’s amazing wedding in Farnham.

There will be a full post or two coming up, as it was a staggering day, but I couldn’t wait to share my new love with you all.

Shakespeare is Katie and John’s rabbit and was guest of honour at the wedding. Obviously. When I was asked to make the fluffy fella a little flower for the day, I jumped/hopped at the chance.

Complete with bow tie, I am sure you will all agree he is one dashing bunny.

If anyone wants an “I ♥ Shakespeare” badge just let me know. I am setting to work on them immediately.

Shakespeare isn’t so sure about his new decoration...

Doesn’t he look absolutely charming. Now who’s for a badge?

11 thoughts on “I ♥ Shakespeare

  1. Oh Shakespeare is just darling! That is just so sweet, love the carrots you popped in there for him :o) xxx

  2. You already know how great I think this is, but no harm in saying it here too!

    Shakespeare is a very handsome and very lucky bunny with his co-ordinating carrier and corsage 🙂

    You’ve added a new string to your bow ‘animal floristry’!

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