Flowers, fun & Mrs Scoops

Betty and my Mum’s 41 year old wedding dress. How pretty.

A few weeks ago the ever so charming Catherine from Lily and Frank Photography and I headed to the gloriously tropical Milton Keynes (well Whaddon to be exact) to meet Mrs Scoops and take some pictures.

Mrs S (Hayley) and I started chatting on twitter months and months ago, so we reckoned it was about time we met in real life. Imagine! And what better excuse than a photoshoot. Accompanied of course by her trusted companion, Betty…plus plenty of flowers and ice cream. Surely a marriage made in heaven?

Cassandra working her magic on lovely Lisa!

Whilst Katy makes Annabel extra beautiful!

Even Sid got in on the act with his flowery headwear...

Catherine and I wanted to keep the shoot as simple as possible so decided to stick with (British grown) flowers instead of tiaras and jewels for the models, and to use my Mum’s 42 year old wedding dress for some proper 70’s style, along with more stunning creations from Jo at Jo Fleming Design.

We were after a slight 70’s vintage look, which is why I chose to use Carnations, Chrysanths, Gypsophila and Fern – not my usual shopping at flower market I must say!

Annabel in one of Jo’s stunning gowns...

British grown Ranuncula bouquet with added trailing petals

Mrs Scoops let Lisa loose in Betty...lucky Lisa!

A huge trend this year....masses of Gypsophila

Mrs Scoops, Betty and Sid (her oh so cute dog) deserve a post of their own, which will happen next week, but in the meantime, huge thanks to her for being possibly the nicest lady alive, finding us a perfect venue, and serving the yummiest ice cream…

Big love also to Katy at Make up by Katy and Cassandra at Love Your Hair who also made the trip and worked their utter magic on the lovely models.

Barefoot brides deserve slightly 70’s blooms...and some Fern!

Use flowers to decorate every bit of you. Go on. Dare you.

Lisa in another stunning Jo Fleming dress.

After a brilliant day, we said our farewells to Mrs Scoops and all her friends, who made us feel oh so welcome (and made us a delicious lunch), before making our way to a local Rapeseed field for a few last photos. As you do.

Annabel working it in a pretty field. It was heavenly.

In your local Rapeseed field...keep your eyes peeled for a handy lamp.

A Gypsophila filled birdcage. It gets everywhere I tell you....

My Mum’s original veil also got a look in. Along with some balloons.

Mirror mirror in the hedge, who is the fairest of them all?

The end of a brilliant day full of giggles and prettiness...

Goodbye balloons. Goodbye x

Thank you again to everyone involved in one of the best days, and the biggest kisses to Catherine. You’re quite wonderful x

Photography ♥ Lily and Frank
Dresses ♥ Jo Fleming Design
Ice Cream ♥ Vintage Scoops
Make Up ♥ Make up by Katy
Hair ♥ Cassandra Rizzuto
Flowers ♥ fairy nuff flowers
Models ♥ Annabel and Lisa

7 thoughts on “Flowers, fun & Mrs Scoops

  1. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find the time to look at this properly – it’s a wonderful shoot, so lively and everything goes so well together – slick!!

    As always, you’ve shown off your wonderful eye for detail and chosen the perfect flowers for the ‘feel’ of the shoot – well done the fairies!

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