Peggy’s garden

Peggy used to babysit for my brother and I when we were tiny. She has no family of her own, so we were always very close to her.

Sadly she has recently had to go in to a home and my parents are having to clear her house to go on the market.

I gave my Mum a hand today, but soon found myself in the garden picking a bunch of blooms for Peggy to remind her of home.

Peggy loved them.

Although flowers are perfectly beautiful in the garden, why not pick a stem or two for a small vase, and put it next to your bedside. It will make you smile.


Yummy Bluebells, Aquilegia and Lily of the Valley

Her garden was covered in blue, white and lilac Bluebells. It was heavenly.

And all tied up with a Daffodil leaf. Obviously.

3 thoughts on “Peggy’s garden

  1. Ahhhhh that’s so sad :o( Bless you and your folks for helping.

    I hope that the Bluebells cheered Peggy up :o) Such a pretty spring time flower xxx

  2. This one really hit home, reminds me of my granny’s garden when I was a kid. Simple, beautiful and oh so special! Love ya flower girl! xxx

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