More than Words…

A little while ago, I was approached by the lovely Eddie Judd, a hugely talented (and local) photographer, to provide a few little vases of flowers for a shoot she was photographing.

The subject of the photo shoot – the stunning work of Lisa Long at More Than Words. Lisa creates beautiful custom ‘word art’, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it.

Lisa’s work would look perfect hanging on walls far and wide, as well making THE most perfect wedding present too!

More Than Words has been commissioned by customers across Europe, America, Africa and Australia, and can even count Dannii Minogue and Richard Curtis as clients.

I have a wonderful space above my fireplace, just waiting to be decorated with some of Lisa’s work, so if you’re reading this Mr Turpin, please remember, it’s my birthday in July x

Photographer ♥ Eddie Judd
Artwork ♥ More Than Words
Cakes ♥ Tempting Cake
Accessories ♥ Out of Love
Flowers ♥ fairy nuff flowers

2 thoughts on “More than Words…

  1. Fabulous post! Thanks for all your contributions they really were fantastic – exactly what I had in mind and the little vases worked with Lisa’s work perfectly! x

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