Mr & Mrs T

For the last post about my wedding (before I move on to bigger and better weddings and lots more flowery chat), we arrived at The Feversham Arms in Helmsley – a small vintage bus journey from the beautiful Duncombe Park.

I found The Feversham Arms after tapping in “Exclusive use boutique hotels in North Yorkshire”. After much searching and venue visiting, we were all decided that this was it!

Part Three – The Feversham Arms
Saturday 5th September 2009

We were after a venue where we could escape to with our friends and family for the weekend, and we struck gold with the Feversham Arms ( Everything about it was perfect – from the amazing rooms and suites, the spa, pool, the food…and the service was stunning throughout the weekend. All the comments we’ve received from our guests at the time, and still get now, confirm our choice!

The Feversham Arms in the early September sun

Rob is an amazing graphic designer, and I am a florist (obviously), so between us, we like to think we’re quite a creative pair….so whatever we could get our hands on to decorate, we did. We brought back all the flowers from Duncombe Park and used them around the hotel (and I suggest to all of my brides that they re-use as many of the ceremony flowers as possible), and then added a few flowery flourishes to the hotel…

Anything we could decorate with blooms, we did...

We even decorated the swimming pool...

As our guests enjoyed a selection of yummy canapes, bubbly and Pimms, Rob and I had a few pictures taken on the stairs…

Even the stairs are lovely at the Feversham!

Gathering under the stairs before Pimms!

One of my wedding finds were the Vernon Sisters ( I had wanted to book them when I initially found them, but our budget was reaching its limit….but obviously it was meant to be. A few days before the wedding, I got a call from them telling me they had had a late cancellation…and I was the happiest girl ever – absolutely stunning performance from three amazing Sisters.

The amazing Vernon Sisters welcome our guests

If you don’t know who they are, have a listen!

We had to make the most of them, didn’t we?!

Evie and me whirling around the dance floor...

Rob and his Best Man had their suits made for the big day, hence they got to pick their own coloured lining! Rob’s shirt and all the ties came from Marc Wallace.

Even Rob and his Best Man were colour co-ordinated!

We decorated a pretty birdcage for the guests to pop their wedding cards in…we had the best fun opening them the night after our wedding. Many a tear was shed by Rob and me!

A pretty birdcage put to good use for our lovely cards!

As another little thank you to our gorgeous flower girls, we got them giant Jellycats to wait for them at the dinner table…and as you can tell, they went down oh so well.

As another thank you, Emily got the bear, and Evie a huge rabbit!

Em meets “Feversham”!

Having a chuckle before the Wedding Breakfast started...

Our table names were all named after our favourite flowers…we didn’t think it would have the same effect if we had named them after Rob’s favourite graphic designers! We sourced vintage frames from local antique markets, gave them a lick of paint and voila! We also found a large mirror, and gave that the same treatment…perfect for our table plan…and that now looks gorgeous above our bed!

Our tables were names after favourite flowers - what else could we have chosen?!

And so to the tables. I did all the flowers, so needed to pick blooms we both loved, but that were easy to arrange! The flowers were supposed to arrive from Holland at 6am on Friday morning. They didn’t arrive until 3pm on Friday afternoon. So goodbye massage and pedicure, and hello to a very busy afternoon flowering!

Cymbidium Orchids decorated each place setting

For the flowers, I went for a mass of Hydrangea, David Austin Roses, Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium and Asian Orchids, lime green Chrysanthemum Blooms, Mini Eden Roses…the list goes on…but you can’t blame me?!

Flowers up close and personal...along with a little butterfly.

Vases, fresh petals and tea lights decorated the top table...

Lily vase stuffed full of Orchids & smaller vases with more yummy flowers!

The room from on high. Plenty of Orchids, Hydrangea and yummy David Austin Roses.

For our favours, we gave all our guests a Pocket Garden…from organic Basil, Parsley and Coriander, to Wild Strawberries, Poppies, Lavender and Chillis. We have since had photos, and lots of chat about how well they all grew! As there wasn’t much room on the tables, amongst all the flowers, Emily and Evie gave them out – and they felt very important!

Each guest got a Grow Your a thank you for coming x

Rob decided he wanted to do the speeches before dinner, so that he could enjoy the rest of the evening, and it worked brilliantly. I said a few words first (there is no stopping me), then Dad, Rob and finally the Best Man, with his spin on Deal or no Deal!

All those that know me, must have known I couldn’t keep quiet for long!

Rob and his lovely, amusing and touching speech x

All our lovely guests chuckling at the speeches...

The day was filled with laughter and love. This at Rob’s gorgeous speech x

Having worked with hundreds of brides, you pick up some very good tips, and this was one of them…cake is wasted quite a lot, and I love cake! So we decided to have it for dessert. Every guest got an individual cake, and the top table shared the top cutting cake. It was a huge hit.

We found the lovely Lindsay at Chocolate Creations (, who conjured up our amazing cake. She was a dream to work with and made staggeringly beautiful cake!

Rob + cake = heaven!

Beautiful and yummy cakes...

After the wedding breakfast, we all emptied out to the bar, and various lounges, whilst the band set up and got ready for the dancing action. Emily took the opportunity to snap away…

As the dance floor was readied, Emily took to snapping!

…and we sneaked out for a few pictures in the Market Square under a full moon. I am so glad we did. It gave us 20 minutes or so to just be together, have a chat and a few kisses, and get these beauties taken…

We sneaked out for a few photos in the Square

A few photos before the dancing started!

We then headed back to the Feversham for some dancing and romancing! Neither of us are big dancers, and Rob was absolutely dreading it, so I thought it would be worth a few dance lessons….

We had just twirled...those dance lessons were so worth it!!!

More dancing, and more kissing. Yummy!

It was one of our guests, and one of my old grooms, who thought it would be an amazing idea to make a wedding pyramid. I won’t go on. But my back was very sore in the morning!

Stewart said it was a first ever. And it was for us to. It’s all the curly haired fellas fault!

From the pyramid to the pool…the day was rounded off under the sparkly stars with toasted marshmallows around the fire…a magical ending to a perfect day.

The day was rounded off with toasted marshmallows around the pool...perfect!

Thank you all so much for following these few blog posts and for all your lovely comments, emails and tweets, they have all made me smile lots! xx

All photos by the wonderful Stewart and Julie Randall (

11 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs T

  1. Ahh it looks amazing.
    The table settings, flowers & all the little touches are so beautiful.
    The photos are simply wonderful, thank you for sharing your wedding.

  2. I LOVE the orchid place settings…. you can definitely tell it is a florists wedding, I bet your guests were all well chuffed with their gifts! Better than sugared almonds anyday!

  3. The flowers were amazing Steph! I love all the little elements…. like blooms in the pool, napkins with flowers, the tall white vases (which I love btw) and the fab favours. Such detail makes this wedding so beautiful and you an amazing floral designer!
    Bloody gorgeous! xxxxx

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