Mrs Turpin (just)

Rose decorated cherub...of course...

I am completely blown away at the response of the first instalment of my lovely wedding to Mr T, so thank you all for reading, and leaving lots of lovely messages on the blog, email, facebook and twitter!

More photos of me than anticipated this time (sorry). Part three to come on Wednesday with less pictures of me (hoorah), lots of flowers and reception plus little detail pics x

Part Two – Duncombe Park to The Feversham Arms
Saturday 5th September 2009

Choosing what to “glide” up the aisle to was very tricky…do we go for a funky song that means something to us both, a more traditional option, or something pretty? After much listening and discussion, the decision was made – Pachebel Canon in D, and it was the perfect choice.

Me & Dad walking in to Pachebel Canon in D

We had three readings during the ceremony. Maddie was first up reading “A Good Wedding Cake”. She was very cute and a complete star! Next up was (another) Rob who read “I Like You” by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, and last but most certainly not least, Becca, an old college friend of mine who we asked to read “Yes, I’ll Marry You” by Pam Ayres. All three were perfect, and many a giggle (and tear) was had.

Gorgeous Maddie and her splendid reading

My lovely parents and Aunt look on (spot the similarites)?!

The same flowers ran throughout the wedding – from decorating the cherubs, to the reception tables. David Austin Roses (I chose the wrong time of year for Peonies which are my absolute favourite, but these were just as beautiful) and Orchids in single stem vases sat on the registrar’s table…pretty and not fussy. Perfect.

A few pretty flowers on the Registrar’s table

There was lots and lots of kiss blowing on our big day, and Stewart just happened to catch this one I was sending to my bridesmaids, watching us sign the register…

Emily, Evie and Lucy deserved a kiss x

Rob and I walked out to Greatest Day by Take That. Being a life long fan, there was no other option, and Rob didn’t even raise an eyebrow…I’ve got a good’un I reckon! I can’t listen to the song now without a huge smile on my face, a little tear in my eye, and the most amazing memories ever (so pick your exit music well!).

Introducing Mr & Mrs Turpin

The guests came out to lots of bubbly Champagne…closely followed by….

Evie’s first taste of Champagne!

Bubbles before ice cream. Heaven!

…ice cream of course! I had always wanted a vintage ice cream van, but alas, after hours and hours of searching for “vintage ice cream vans in North Yorkshire”, and plenty of hopeful emails, I had to give in…although the trike worked just as well!

Award winning Ryeburns of Helmsley pedalled in with homemade Hokey Pokey, Mint Choc Chip, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream and Vanilla ice cream with sprinkly waffle cones! My Mum was unsure of the idea, but now admits it was one of the wedding highlights – the guests absolutely loved it and Rob and I were in heaven!

Ice Cream is up from the fab Ryeburn of Helmsley

Champagne and ice cream. Perfect eh?!

Ice cream all around - one of the hits of the wedding!

To burn off some of the ice cream calories, we got all the guests outside for a confetti shot – I only had a couple of definite pictures that I wanted, and this was one of them! Fresh Rose confetti – looked and smelled gorgeous!

Us and Duncombe Park showered in petals

Waste not, want not. Evie tidying up after us all x

And then it was time for the guests to head back to the bus…little Evie skipped through the Stone Hall to the bus…perfectly captured by Stewart…beautiful photo I think.

Evie skipping with glee!

And as the guests drifted back to the reception, there was a little moment for Rob and I, and to get a few shots around the amazing building. Until putting this blog post together, I hadn’t even looked properly at this picture, but I have completely fallen in love with it…surely deserving of being up on our living room wall!

Love you Robert Turpin x

Rob’s pressie from me – a pair of Paul Smith cufflinks (which took me about an hour to choose – poor shop assistants), and I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous diamond solitaire necklace.

It’s all true x

My brand new mean and moody husband!

As most of you probably know, I don’t do photos of me, but I absolutely love the following two photos. They just don’t look like me (which is why I love em!). Stewart Randall, you’re a genius. Fact.

I don’t do pictures, but love this one!

Looking out on the estate!

My lovely Mother-in-Law, me and my yummy Mummy leaving Duncombe Park for the bus…I loved every second of being at Duncombe Park, and if any of you ever go anywhere near Helmsley, you must pop in – stunning venue (that also houses a brilliant wedding fair)!

Mrs Turpin, me and my Mum!

All aboard the bus for The Feversham Arms

Wednesday’s final post includes the reception, flowery pictures, and all the little details…and then it’s on to fairy nuff flower’s other lovely real life flowery weddings! x

18 thoughts on “Mrs Turpin (just)

  1. The ice cream idea-LOVE IT!! Really enjoyed the write up on this Steph….think you should also be a top wedding blogger as well as a top floral designer and top tweeter! 😉 xxx

  2. Oohh more beautiful photos, I love the one of Evie in the hall, oh & the ice cream tricycle too!
    Oohhh & now off to The Feversham Arms, how lovely!

  3. pretty pretty pretty – you are beautiful, your flowers are beautiful and everyone looks so happy 🙂

    all the little extra touches you had really make your wedding and the pictures so special!

    Can’t wait for the final installment 🙂

  4. I love your photos, so fun and relaxed and that vintage coach is fab!!!

    Looks like such a lovely ceremony, can’t wait to see the Reception xx

  5. I can’t believe you still think you take a bad photo. You looked absolutely stunning and you both made Stewart and I feel so welcome on the day. Can’t wait for the final instalment… loving your write up of the whole event 🙂 x

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