Miss Albrow (just)

Where I became Mrs Turpin...the beautiful Duncombe Park x

Recently I have been asked a lot about my big day via twitter and by brides that I have been seeing, so I thought why not write a blog post or two about it – I think it was worthy, and hopefully there might be some ideas hiding in there for a few of you? I hope you don’t think I’m being too self indulgent, but hopefully the photos will re-spur on my diet, plus give my family living overseas a chance to see a few more wedding pics!

After much umming and ahhing, we chose to get wed up North. Rob is from York, and as we do so many weddings, tying the knot down South, was just a little too much like work, so up the M1 we went.

We did lots of ceremony and venue visiting but decided to become Mr and Mrs at the stunning Duncombe Park in Helmsley, before getting on an amazing vintage bus to the Feversham Arms just down the road, where we took exclusive use for the weekend. We wanted a house party feel, with all our family and closest friends in one place for the weekend, and it worked so well!

Wondering how best to share some pics, so I will start at the beginning. It’s a very good place to start don’t you know.

Part One – Getting to Duncombe Park on time!
Saturday 5th September 2009
(Our wedding day, my parent’s 39th wedding anniversary)

My love of chocolate had to kick of the weekend…and what better way than to welcome our guests after their long journeys on a Friday evening, than some Turpin sponsored chocolate. It went down a treat (perfect for favours too)!

Yummy yummy in our guest’s tummies!

We left them a little note too x

When I was young, I always wanted to be a bridesmaid. A bridesmaid with a big fluffy dress and a lovely big pink bow. I love pink (as you can tell) and I love bows. If I could decorate the world with bows and butterflies, I would be one happy lady. So when it came down to picking dresses for two of the prettiest girls in the North, there was only ever going to be one dress (well two – they got one each).

Emily and Evie’s princess dresses x

And here they are in all their girly glory! My lovely maids! Lucy, my oldest friend in the World, and Emily and Evie (Rob’s and now my stunning nieces). They did a perfect job all day xxx

Let’s here it for the girls! Emily, Evie and Lucy x

I am a shoe and bag girl. Fact. It was my first, and probably favourite bit of shopping! I searched a lot for my perfect shoes and visited emmy (lovely but not quite right), Christian Louboutin (way too high), all the big London and local weddingy, and shoe filled shops…and finally Jimmy Choo…and there they were, shining out from shelf (no, they really were). I love them so much (and have now been made black so I can wear them lots)!

I couldn’t leave them behind in the shop...

My biggest splurge. But they were so worth it x

As I was painted and pinned, the gorgeous Mr Turpin was putting all the finishing touches to the tables. The hundreds of weddings he has helped me set up over the years was the perfect training for our big day!

Mr Turpin & the finishing touches

Note the To Do list in his pocket!

I have to admit, I wasn’t hugely in to dress shopping. I know most brides can’t wait, but I could think up so many reasons not to go! I work with hundreds of brides, so see lots of dresses, and knew what I did and didn’t want – but when I went in to dress shops and asked for their plainest, most simple dress, they looked at me blankly “what do you mean, you don’t want crystals?”

When I started out on the dress mission, I was also nearly nine stone heavier. Oh yes! So I wasn’t that keen on trying on size 8 sample dresses…even when I started losing weight! However, about half way through my diet, I tried on “the” dress whilst shopping with my Mum. We both knew it was the one. I ordered a size 14. The dress lady said I shouldn’t, and would never lose the weight to get in to it. I ordered a size 14. I did get in to it (and needed to have it made smaller). Ha ha wedding dress lady!

My lovely dress - plain & simple (just like me!)

Making my way to the bus...very carefully!

As I was buttoned in to my dress by my lovely Mum, Rob was being photographed by the brilliant Stewart Randall in the Library at Duncombe Park…

Rob takes five minutes out!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes...

I had always wanted an old London bus to transport the guests to and from the ceremony and reception, but we were getting married in York…hmmm?! After much investigation, I stumbled across this beauty, with the best driver in the world! He had found and restored it, and now drives it for weddings – it was probably one of out best bargains too!

The maids step off the bus with a little help from a friend

My last few steps up to the most wonderful stately home to become Mrs Turpin. Duncombe Park in Helmsley was our choice to tie the knot, and it didn’t disappoint – the service was second to none. It was perfect in every way (apart from the small grey clouds which somehow stopped the croquet from happening, and the ice cream being eaten outside)! You can also have the reception here for anyone interested!

We’re here! The best way to arrive...& the driver was brill!

One of the most memorable moments of the day for me was being interviewed by the registrars in the Stone Hall. Rob had made the most amazing CD for the guests to listen to whilst they were gathering, of songs that meant stuff to us throughout our six years together.

One of the first emails he ever sent me had song lyrics as the subject header (Do you realise, that you have the most beautiful face (by the Flaming Lips)). It was playing as I stood here and I could hear it through the doors. Tears were shed. I will never forget it. Ever.

Me and my lovely Dad listening...

And my last picture of the day…Rob having his first glimpse of his nieces and Lucy. I hid behind them all. Cunning eh?!

The waiting is over....nearly...

Next week I’ll put up some pics from the ceremony and reception, followed by part three – all things flowery, and a few others bits and pieces probably!

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I have done looking through them all for hours! x

All photographs by the brilliant Stewart and Julie Randall at randallweddings.co.uk

17 thoughts on “Miss Albrow (just)

  1. So beautiful! The venue is stunning! I thought your hubby was the florist, but then spotted the to do list comment!
    I really like the table arrangments with the green and pinks-so pretty!

    • Bess you…thanks for being lovely! No no no!!! Rob is a graphic design god!!! In six years though he has learnt to create the neatest buttonholes ever and his eye for detail is perfect! Plus he can carry massive pedestals with ease! Handy eh?!!! xx

  2. Oh how pretty everything looks & you look beautiful.
    I absolutely love Duncombe Park & Helmsley as we are there all the time. The rooms in Duncombe Park are stunning, so having your wedding there must have been like a dream.

  3. WOW Steph, what a beautiful day, love the colours.
    You look absolutely stunning – I love the dress (even though I would not say you are ‘plain and simple’!!)
    I can’t wait until Monday to see more…
    Kim, The Wedding Community

  4. Soooooo lovely to see your wedding! It looks like an absoluely gorgeous flower-filled day :o)

    I also LOVE your bridesmaid dresses, where did you get them from (if you don’t mind me asking) they are exactly what I want for my flower girl xx

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