How a Gerbera made me smile.

I failed, Viki didn’t.

I met Vicki today for her wedding flower consultation. It was a truly lovely way to start the year. A couple of frothy coffees and a few hours talking weddings, flowers, and so much more!

She is marrying Paul on 14th July 2012 at Chatsworth – a venue I would dearly love to work at.

Whilst we were organsing today, we discussed how we would recognise each other. I suggested I wear a giant Sunflower in my lapel, at which point Vicki agreed and said she would wear a giant Gerbera.

All I can say, is that only one of us stuck to the bargain…

It was really lovely to meet you today Viki, and good work with the flower, I was completely impressed! x Steph

2 thoughts on “How a Gerbera made me smile.

  1. Awww you’re lovely 🙂

    I had a really great morning thanks to you – perfect start to the week! I’m even more excited about the wedding flowers now, even if I have discovered even more to choose between – I hope I won’t drive you too mad whilst I’m trying to make decisions 😉

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