Happy 2011 (nearly)

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011

Happy 2011…nearly. With just over 12 hours left of 2010, I thought it was time to sit down and make a list of what I want to achieve in the year ahead. I do usually make a list, but never this public. Ah well, first time for everything.

I started this with just work thoughts, but hey, why make two lists, when I can sort the lot in one.

2010 has been a brilliant year fairy nuff flowers wise, but I have got a feeling 2011 is going to be even better.

So here goes…

♥ Decorate ten NEW (to me) gorgeous wedding venues with pretty flowers. We’ve got some stunning new venues already booked which I am terribly excited about, but I need a few more please.

♥ fairy nuff flowers has gorgeous and stunning weddings booked for next year, but I wouldn’t mind doing a celeb wedding. You can’t blame me can you?! Kate and Wills would do – I’m not precious.

♥ Use more foliage and herbs in my flowers than I’ve ever done before.

♥ I’d love to meet and work with some more of the brilliant weddingy people I have met through twitter.

♥ To ween myself off of Costa Coffee (damn them for opening down the road from my house) and Chocolate Tiffin (that stuff is sooo good though).

♥ To lose the weight I have put on since getting wed to my gorgeous and lovely husband. It’s so easy to be comfy and eat cake/chocolate. *see above

♥ Gym. Run. WiiFit. *see above

♥ To finally have a honeymoon. Still can’t believe we had to postpone the Maldives. Shocking.

♥ To be happy and healthy, and I wish the same for every single one of you

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