Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Christmas from me and the fairy x

Phew…it’s been a busy few weeks!

I have been up to my eyes in berries (lots of them, and of varying varieties), rusty bells, dried mushrooms (my best wintery find), sparkly twigs, chillis, gorgeous flowers and stacks of foliage, getting everyone all flowered up for Christmas.

It’s my first Christmas without a shop, and to be honest, didn’t expect to be so busy – it’s been brilliant though…so a HUGE thank you to everyone for keeping me away from blog writing!

Being so busy has also stopped me from writing a single Christmas card (I’m hanging my head in shame as I type), but thought I would wish you all a wonderful Christmas and perfect 2011 via my blog (sorry, a little lame, but I promise I’ve been busy).

2010 has seen a lot of changes at Fairy Towers, but it has been the best ever. Wedding bookings for 2011 and 2012 are amazing, twitter has been an astonishing success for us (sorry for doubting Rob), and the recommendations and word of mouth staggers me more and more.

So thank you for everything in 2010, and heres to a bloody brilliant 2011 – I can’t wait to meet all my new twitter buddies, and work with all my fabulous new brides – we’ve got some absolutely stunning weddings and venues next year…I can’t wait!

I shall raise a glass of bubbles to you all tomorrow (and that’s a promise) x

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