This week I ♥

My husband, who from this point onwards shall be known as Rob (afterall, that is his name), suggested I join twitter. After a little kicking and screaming, I agreed. And he was right, I love it.

After a slow start, and not really getting it, I now officially do. I have met a bundle of like minded people who love weddings as much as I do, I nearly got a bouquet in to a magazine (I shall never play with moss again), and I’m going to be involved in two wedding shoots. And all from something I didn’t want to do…!

So I thought I would write a little regular blog post about things I have seen on twitter that I love…all your thoughts welcome, and for all those doubters, twitter really is the place to be x

Not just for brides. Perfect for anyone - just to make you look pretty x

I was at the Landmark Wedding Fair when I spotted Gillian’s stunning bespoke wedding accessories for the first time ( It was whilst carrying a very large vase of flowers through Teddington High Street, that I spotted her stunning new shop. Much drooling ensued, but the less said about that the better. I have completely fallen for all of her beautiful designs – but pictured above is my favourite…for today at least.

I’m completely in love with this dress!

Joanne Flemming is the girl with the magic needle, and this dress literally filled my dreams last night. If I was a size 6, I would have it in a flash. Sadly, I like cake too much. In my dream however, I was a size 6, and the dress looked absolutely amazing – trust me.

You can find her stunning designs on her website (, or the lady herself in Brighton. She’ll be the one in the pretty dress.

One of my five a day?

Next up, some cake action – it’s a must. I follow some amazing cakey people on twitter, but how wonderful does this cupcake look??! Need I say anymore? This delight comes from the kitchen of Andrea at Sugar ( All her designs are breathtaking and I will be making my way to Kingston very soon to sample one or two. The diet can wait another day or two I reckon – plus if there is fruit involved, it doesn’t count…does it?

Frank and Percy = photography magic!

And my final find this week is Lily and Frank ( My idea of perfect wedding photography. I don’t think I can say anymore. Catherine, in my eyes, you’re a genius. End of. x

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