Let them (and me) eat cake

My love of cake is well known by all those around me. Cake makes me ever so happy. Not so the scales, but put a slice of Victoria Sponge in front of me, or a pretty little cupcake and I’m anyones (well not quite (don’t worry Rob!), but you get the picture). So when a bride tells me she want pretty petals on her pudding, I’m in heaven!

Plain cakes can become the star of the show stuffed full of pretty coloured Hydrangeas and blousey Peonies, and supermarket wedding cakes can be made to look a million dollars tied with pretty ribbons and topped with stunning vintage roses.

I must admit, this wasn’t my planned post! I should probably be talking about how I think William and Kate are going to be surrounded by very classy and classic flowers in a neutral palette on their (very) big day…

…or perhaps how I’m going to miss getting ready for Christmas in my pretty little shop, making stunning decorations and wreaths for our lovely customers (these posts will no doubt follow very soon)…but after seeing the picture below on Ian McGraw’s brill website (ianmcgrawphotos.co.uk), I couldn’t resist the cake post!

This really is how I feel every time I see a piece of yummy warm chocolate fudge cake…what a photo!

So taking this as my inspiration, here are a few of the cakes we have recently adorned with flowers. Right I’m off to have ummm….yep, you guessed it…x

A vintage affair in Richmond Park

Lily and Roses at Warren House

Funky Fondant Fancies in Teddington

Avalanche Roses and Hydrangeas at The Bingham

Pretty Roses at Hampton Court Palace

Pretty pink Germini at Saville Court

3 thoughts on “Let them (and me) eat cake

  1. Steph, thanks for the mention. Cake is becoming a habit of mine – another of my cake based posts is with our friends at Lavender Bakery, featuring a yummy stack of cupcakes.

    I wonder if Kate will go for a traditional cake or will she be Cup-Kate? Or maybe she will go direct to our fave the Queen (of cakes) herself peggyporschen.com ?

    Right! I’m off for a muffin now. x

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