Let’s hear it for the boys!

The rain stayed away for Alison and Paul’s wedding in Farnham today (yayyy), so the crossing (of fingers, toes, legs, etc.) went well and truly paid off. If anyone wants to hire me for any crossing action, then just get in touch…you can find me on email, facebook, twitter, and the doves even know where to find me. Easy.

My week of wedding consultations this week got me thinking….the boys often get forgotten when it comes to weddings flowers, but after three meetings this week, and the meeting of three grooms (I was very impressed – it doesn’t happen that often, so to get 100% attendance was staggering!), I thought it was about time they deserved some flowery action…

So this post is just a selection of recent buttonholes that I really like. Still desperately want to do a mismatched flower/colour buttonhole wedding…any takers? x

Paul and Alison’s Picasso Calla Lily buttonholes

Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid

Sphinx Rose, Rudbeckia and Cotinus

Himalaya Rose + Snowberries + Lily of the Valley + Lisianthus = lovely buttonhole!

The ribbon said “To have and to hold from this day forward”...sweet!

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