An old one, but a good’un!

It’s been another incredibly busy week at Fairy Towers…who said not having a shop anymore would be boring?!

I’ve been out and about meeting lots of new brides (and grooms), with another consultation tonight for Great Fosters in April – 2011 just keeps getting busier and busier…it couldn’t make me happier!

Our wedding bandwagon is off to the gorgeous town of Farnham this weekend for Alison and Paul’s big day – just checked the weather, and it is saying sunny intervals all day…yayyy! After a week of terrible wind and rain, my toe and finger crossing looks like it’s going to pay off.

Their wedding is going to be full of Avalanche Roses, gorgeous Picasso Calla Lilies and splashes of dark purple, with sparkles of course to follow early next week…

And talking about Avalanche Roses (and Great Fosters – wow, I couldn’t have planned it any better if I’d tried!), we provided the flowers for Emma and Neermal. We first met them both at our pretty little shop in Church Square – it seems so long ago!

They tied the knot at St Nicholas Church, Shepperton with their gorgeous reception in the stunning Tythe Barn at Great Fosters in Egham.

Since then, we’ve become firm friends and Emma recently sent me a couple of the official photos of their big day. I thought they were just too lovely to keep to myself…I hope you all agree…! Emma’s simple but stunning bouquet was made up of Avalanche Roses, with my favourite flower ever (well one of them), Lily of the Valley…yummy!

Right I’m off to clean vases, cover buttonhole boxes, count my sparkly pins, and confirm my list for flower market tomorrow morning…my goodness me, I do lead such a glamorous life!

Happy nearly weekend (is it too early to look forward to the weekend already?) x

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