2011 looking like a busy (and pretty) year!

After the Landmark Wedding Fair, plus a little advertising on wedding planning websites, plus a little bit of word of mouth and recommendations, 2011 is looking like a busy year, which is exactly what we like…and with another two consultations booked in in the next few days, it’s all looking rosy!

We’ve still got the busiest time of the year coming up for engagements too…hence our gorgeously designed advert in the Christmas issue of You and Your Wedding Magazine (thanks Rob)! The number of enquiries we get in January is huge after all those romantic proposals and beautifully wrapped engagement rings!

There is one theme that remains very strong with a lot of my brides next year – vintage, vintage, vintage….with a little bit of glamour thrown in for good measure! There is a lot of chat about flower filled birdcages, muted Roses, Hydrangeas and Peonies – lots of gems and sparkles and the odd butterfly too…girly glamour at it’s prettiest.

The whole vintage look and theme has to be one of my favourites – I get to use some of the most beautiful looking flowers, different textured foliages and fragrant herbs – perfect! A lot of the flowers that fit this theme have scents too – I love flowers that look beautiful AND smell gorgeous. Bundle this all together, tie it up with a stunning ribbon, and fasten it with an antique sparkly brooch, and I’m in heaven!

Candles are going to be another big trend for 2011. Huge decorated pillar candles, candelabra (with stunning flowers, or just lots of Ivy), storm lanterns, floating candles on top of submerged flowers and lots and lots of tea lights. It does make things look very magical, and budget wise they make a big statement for not a lot of money.

Back to 2010 our next wedding in Farnham is going to be filled with stunning Avalanche Roses, Calla Lilies and sparkles (a girl after my own heart)! We are looking forward to Alison and Paul’s wedding next weekend – let’s just hope the gorgeous Autumn weather we have been having this week sticks around…x

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