Busy times at fairy towers…

Even though we have a couple of weeks off of weddings, it has still been a busy time at fairy towers!

The brand new sparkly website is up, and as some of you may have noticed, Peggy (the pink fairy) has flown off in to a very early retirement.  She recently sent me a postcard from Ibiza – sounds like she’s having a wonderful time!

So gone is Peggy and most of the pinkness.  Instead we have decided, after nearly six years, it was time fairy nuff flowers grew up a little, although, not too much (obviously)!

Would be lovely to hear what you think of the new look.  We have received lots of nice emails and gorgeous compliments (and a couple of you who told us the pages weren’t loading properly – we are looking in to it – thank you), but if there is any other feedback, please do let me know.


A huge thank you to rob@thisnorthernboy for doing such a brilliant job with the re-brand, website and putting up with my ever changes ideas – you’re a star!

I’m also been trying to push for more bookings next year, so please spread the fairy word to anyone you know getting married in 2011!

We have just added ourselves to Hitched, and think it would look better with a lovely word or two from some of our old (not literally) brides, so if any of you are reading this, we would appreciate any feedback here…


And finally, this week is meeting filled! Tonight I’m off to meet with the amazing cake lady.  When I have her permission, I will put some photos up of her work for you all to drool over!

Hopefully brilliant things will come out of this week and I will have more exciting news very soon.

Lots of love x

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