A gorgeous vintage wedding in Richmond Park

Elizabeth's beautiful bouquetPembroke Lodge in Richmond Park is an absolutely stunning venue (and the views aren’t too shabby either).  It is where Elizabeth and Luke decided to tie the knot and hold their vintage inspired wedding celebration…the sun even managed to shine on them in between two days of horrible weather!

Right from our first meeting, Elizabeth knew exactly what she wanted…old fashioned muted pink and lilac roses, herbs, Ivy, butterflies, birdcages and buttons, and that is exactly what she got.

Elizabeth’s bouquet was made up of Old Dutch and Sweet Avalanche Roses with scented white Freesias, Alchemilla Mollis and Rosemary, with her four bridesmaids have matching, smaller versions of the bridal bouquet.


All bouquets were tied with vintage lace and pearl pins, and studded with clusters of individually wired old buttons.  Scarlett-Mai, Elizabeth’s gorgeous daughter, even carried a matching Old Dutch Rose wand with trailing ribbon and lace!

Pearly roses!

Not to be out-done, the boys had matching vintage roses with Ivy, Rosemary, and wired pearls twirled down the stems – absolutely stunning!  We love it when the boy’s flowers get a little glamour injection too!

Pembroke Lodge itself was filled with tiny touches which made this wedding so memorable.  The fireplaces, windows and bannister were covered with trailing Ivy, hidden butterflies and white metal hearts.  The tables with decorated birdcages and fresh petals, and smaller tables with clusters of vintage tea cups, containers and tea pots all filled with Old Dutch and Sweet Avalanche Roses, Alchemilla Mollis, Rosemary, Ivy and trailing beads – my idea of heaven!

Even the aisle got a scattering of pale pink rose petals to perfect the look and make sure the bride’s entrance was perfect.

Pretty tea cup

There were two other stand-out ideas for me. I loved the old-fashioned “sweet station” – eclectic old glass containers filled to the brim with strawberry bonbons, Sherbet Fountains and lots of other penny sweets, for the guests to pick at as they were dancing the night away, and then there was THE CAKES!

The bride’s Mum had made the stacked, tiered cake which looked lovely, but got a professional cake maker to make the absolutely stunning, perfectly round cakes which sat alongside the main ones.  They deserve a post all to themselves, which will follow very shortly (they were my previously mentioned amazing wedding find)!

All our love and congratulations to Elizabeth and Luke.  Your gorgeous wedding was full of quirky touches which just goes to prove my point – it really is all in the detail x

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