Oh it’s all exciting!

My new website is days away.  I was going to say hours away, but I don’t want to tempt fate!

Gone is the girly, pink, fairy image that I have had for five years, and I’m saying a big hello and welcome to grey and green!  My new logo is still a little girly, don’t worry – there is even a flower and a couple of hearts included, but it’s a much slicker look, with bigger photos.  It’s a lot cleaner and sharper and a lot less fussy – looking forward to hearing what people think, as we had lots of fans of our last one!

Sadly Peggy has flown off of my logo and is currently holidaying in Ibiza.  Don’t worry though.  For any Peggy fans she is well, and still sprinkling her magic dust over Roses, Hydrangeas and Gladioli everywhere.

Thank you rob@thisnorthernboy – you have been a star, and very patient!  Now can you hurry up a bit….I am way too excited to launch fairy nuff flowers take two on the world…

One thought on “Oh it’s all exciting!

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